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Online packages are conducted via a number of different means. Depending on what suits your situation best, we can work together to find a solution that suits you and your babies' needs. 



2 weeks of unlimited 'REAL TIME'

online support



Our most popular package.  


You receive 'REAL TIME' support at each and every one of your baby's sleeps. Guiding you and supporting you through how to teach your baby to self settle. Immediate support will be right at your finger tips, allowing you to feel confident in your ability to teach your child Enquire here

Extended Support

3 weeks of unlimited online support




This includes a thorough assessment of your baby’s current diagnosed medical issues, including but not limited to Irritable Bowel Syndrome, reflux, eczema and food Intolerances and allergies. We will also cover sleep issues and settling techniques. 
As per the in home consultation, these weeks will be split.
Week 1: Diet 
Week 2&3: Sleep (these weeks may be delayes until dietary changes have been installed)
Enquire here


Skype / email consult

Billed at hourly increments



Welcome home

2 weeks of unlimited online support




Skype/Email consultations are for those who would like the opportunity to ask questions in a designated time slot. In these sessions, you are free to ask as many questions as you like and you will also receive an emailed (within 24hrs) plan to follow with all the topics that have been discussed.


Optional extra. You can choose to have unlimited email follow up for seven (7) days post consultation. Enquire here

This package is for all new parents who would like support and guidance in the testing first few weeks of having a newborn. All your questions answered on any topic including but not limited to sleep, settling, feeding, bathing, skin care, crying patterns, self care, setting up your baby's sleep spaces and more. Enquire here

Ultimate custom

Need something different?? 
Just ask and we can tailor a package to suit you.


We can design a custom package to suit you, please send an email

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