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Important information to read and consider before the commencement of session.


A list of my suggested and recommended 'loved' products to help obtain the best sleep environment for your baby.

Some information to keep on hand in the future. Topics covered include what to do during times of illness or teething, travelling and how to encourage better sleep while out and about. 

You will also find information about when and how to adjust the routine.

Happy Baby

Routine guides from 6 weeks all the way through to

3 years. 

Not sure where to start with solids?

This allergy/intolerance-friendly guide will help you with what foods to start with, when to offer them, and how much to give your little one. 

Included is an Introductory meal plan to follow. 


Are you confused about how to keep your baby warm and worried about SIDS recommendations?


Find out how to make sure your baby is safe when sleeping.  

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