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In Home Consultations

All in-home packages include a home visit where the consultant will asses your child and her sleeping environment, discuss and implement a plan and walk you through the appropriate technique to teach your baby to fall asleep independently.

Included in all in home packages, is a two week period of "REAL TIME" unlimited online ongoing support. 

Our In-home Daily support package

Daily Standard


A choice of either 1 or 2 days

x 3 hours in-home visits

+ 2 weeks of online real-time support

  • Day 1: Introduction to child, Sleep Environment checked for correct and safe bedding, Demonstration of settling technique (consultant will put child to bed, while parent watches), Discussion and questions answered (while child is sleeping) covering milk and food intake, weight gain/loss, any medical conditions, past sleep patterns, sleep cycles and the difference between day and night cycles, how to establish a good routine and set up positive sleep cues and how to remove and negative sleep aids. The resettling technique is demonstrated if the child wakes after only one sleep cycle.

  • Day 2: Depending on the parent/s wishes, settling techniques can be demonstrated again by the consultant, or the parent can do the settling technique with the consultant watching to have feedback on whether the technique is being performed correctly. Any further questions can be answered while the child is sleeping, and the resettling technique (when and if the child wakes early) is demonstrated or watched (parents' choice).

Our In-home Extended support package

Extended Support

A choice of either 1 or 2 days

x 5 hours in-home visits

+ 2 weeks of online real-time support

The structure of days is set as per the standard package. In most cases, this will cover 2 x day sleeps.

Perfectly suited for younger cat nappers as we are able to go through 2 x 'settling to sleep' and 1 x resettle. 

Our In-home Ultimate support package

Ultimamate Support

3 x 3 hours in-home visits

+ 2 weeks of online real-time support 

The Ultimate package gives you 3 x 3hrs of in-home help. You can choose between 3 consecutive days or 2 days one week, one day the following week.

This package is a great choice for those 'spirited' toddlers who really put on a performance at bedtime for mummy and daddy.

Our In-home Complex Diet & Support package

Complex Sleep & Diet

1 x 1hr online consultation

+ 1 x 3 hours in-home visit

+ 3 weeks of online real-time support 

  • Week 1: Initial 1hr online/VC consultation to discuss dietary changes required and to initialise the diet (followed up with 1 week of online support).

  • Week 2: 1 x 3 hour in-home consultation to address sleep issues and learn the settling techniques (followed up with another 2 weeks of online support).

During the consultation period, you are welcome to ask as many questions as you like on any baby-related topic you wish. 

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