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Harrison (5months)


My second baby boy was a big challenge with respect to his sleeping habits, especially at night.  By 5 months, I had nearly lost the will to

live with him waking up almost hourly from 1 - 2am onwards each night.  I had read many recommendations from other mums who had utilised Sharne Dolich to help them to get their bubs to sleep and finally decided to reach out for some help.  Having already had one daughter, this felt a bit bizarre as you believe you should be able to manage because you have already been through it once before but I now understand how different each child can be!


Needless to say, with the gentle and caring guidance from Sharne and afew tweaks to his routine, we had Harrison sleeping better in the day and right through the night within a few days.  He is the happiest baby on the block now (and I am a well rested and ecstatic mum!).  


Thanks so much Sharne - you are a legend!



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