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  • Sharne Dolich

Sweet Dreams on holidays:

5 Essential Items for a Restful Baby Sleep During Vacation.

Traveling with a baby often brings the challenge of maintaining a consistent sleep routine. However, with a few key items, you can create a cozy and familiar sleep environment for your little one during your holiday. Here are five must-have items to ensure your baby gets the sweetest dreams away from home.

  1. Usual Bedding: Nothing says comfort like the familiar touch of home. Bring along your baby's usual bedding – their sleeping bag/swaddle, their comforter and their (unwashed) crib sheet. Having the familiar smells and comforts, can help your baby feel more secure in a new environment, making it easier for them to drift off into dreamland.

  2. Portable Blackout Curtains: Bright hotel room or vacation rental curtains can make it challenging for your baby to nap during the day or sleep peacefully at night. Portable blackout curtains are a game-changer. They're easy to install and create a dark, sleep-friendly space wherever you go, allowing your baby to rest without disruptions from external light. They will also help combat those early mornings that no-one wants to deal with on holidays.

  3. White Noise Machine: A white noise machine is your secret weapon for ensuring a serene sleep environment. Whether it's the hum of a fan, ocean waves, or gentle rain (my personal favourite), white noise can drown out unfamiliar sounds and create a consistent background noise that soothes your baby to sleep. Compact and portable options make it easy to bring the calming benefits of white noise wherever your travels take you.

  4. Snooze Shade: If you're planning to spend time outdoors during naptime, a snooze shade is a must. This handy accessory attaches to strollers and travel cribs, providing shade and blocking out distractions. It creates a cocoon-like space for your baby to nap peacefully, even in bustling tourist areas or sunny beaches.

  5. Safe Portable Cot: Investing in a safe and portable cot is crucial for ensuring your baby has a secure place to sleep. Look for lightweight, easy-to-assemble options that meet safety standards. Having a dedicated sleep space for your baby helps maintain a sense of routine and ensures they have a comfortable spot to rest, no matter where your holiday adventures take you.

Creating a sleep-friendly environment for your baby during vacations doesn't have to be a challenge. By packing bub's usual bedding, portable blackout curtains, a white noise machine, a snooze shade, and a safe portable cot, you're equipped to provide your little one with the comfort and familiarity they need for a restful and rejuvenating sleep away from home. Sweet dreams, little traveler!

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